Pronounced Law-Knee Girl. Some humans call me Lani Girl, Lani, The LG, L. Geezy. I don’t reply to any name, unless I am being scolded by my Mama.

Me being lazy at almost 4 months.

People always wonder what my name means…soooo, my Mama, who humans call Michelle, is Hawaiian and wanted me to have a Hawaiian name, but all the names she thought of were going to be difficult for the masses to pronounce…and spell. So she decided on Lani, which means heaven and she added the Girl to my name because usually when you are small in Hawaii adults add either a “boy” or “girl” at the end of your name. She also thought it would be funny to hear my Grandpa say Girl at the end of my name because he has a deep raspy voice.

I was born on December 9, 2015 and am a teeny tiny French Bulldog. I only weigh 16 pounds now, but I weighed only FOUR pounds when my Mama came to get me in Sonora, California. So I was teeny tinier.

This was the photo that stole my Mama’s heart away. This is me at 12 weeks.
Me on my way to my new home at 14 weeks old.
This is me as a baby with my cousin Nala at my Grandparents house!

For as long as I can remember, my Mama told me that I was going to have a career as a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder service dog, and that I was going to get lots of training so I could help her! I am different from an emotional support dog because I went through training so I can actually provide services that my Mama needs — like recognizing and grounding her in her panic attacks and creating a safety circle around her in crowded spaces are just a couple of the services for which I was trained. I am also trained to recognize stress and anxiety in general, so sometimes I gravitate towards people who I sense that in and try to help them too, of course only when my Mama is ok.

The first job I had was when I was 4 months old, when I was still in all my trainings. I worked at Gunn High School in the Palo Alto School District in the Library and Academic Center, while my Mama was on a break from IT after her traumatic event. There were so many sounds and people, that I really learned how to be a good girl amongst all that. I did really well! I even had my own yearbook picture!

Gunn High School, 2016. Me at 8 months.

After Gunn, I worked at Amazon in San Francisco, where I helped my Mama run several sites. We even traveled to Silicon Valley sometimes to help out their team. I did a lot of things at Amazon, such as working on computers…in Linux! But I was most known for sleeping in the team meetings

Troubleshooting in Linux!
Snoozing through the team meeting.

Now I work at Medium and live in New York! Lots of big changes for me, but I am killing it here in New York!

IT Support Dog at Medium. California girl with a New York attitude. Follow me at!