Freedom is Being Nakies!

Taken right before I broke through chicken wire to get to some chickens.

I don’t know what you learned about the Fourth of July when you were growing up, but I learned that the Fourth of July is my Mama’s birthday! And that humans celebrate her birthday with fireworks! Based off everyone’s reactions, fireworks are very cool for humans, but for us tiny, little dogs, they aren’t great.

I wouldn’t say I am scared of fireworks, but I wouldn’t say I love them either. My cousin, Nala, is really terrified of fireworks and panic pee pees everywhere when they go off. I try to comfort her, by laying on her bed with her, but I am not sure she likes that. She usually just walks away from me.

My cousin, Nala!

I get to wear my American flag harness and leash on my Mama’s birthday, which I love wearing, and I get so many compliments! I wear my flag harness and leash a few times a year, like on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day and some years on Election Days. And when I go on special trips!

I saw the Liberty Bell and the Liberty Bell saw me! (2019)

I get pretty excited to wear the flag because I know my Grandpa fought for our freedom in the Vietnam War as a Marine. So when I wear the flag, I think of him and his sacrifices and the sacrifices of all the other Veterans, both living and dead, who made sure my Mama and her freedom were protected.

I don’t know TOO much about freedom since, I am never really free. I can never escape the watchful eye of my Mama, and honestly, when she lets me free, or takes me off leash, I dart off and chase squirrels and get scolded. So, like, I don’t know. The only time I truly am free is when I am nakies in the house.

Proud to be an American even though I am a French Bulldog.

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